Wisdom Wednesday Webinars

Webinars for IPC Members

IPC has several programs to its credit, which are meant to facilitate continuous learning for its members and other clients. These programs include:
·Technical conferences ·Professional development workshops ·Technical webinars ·Management conferences and ·Online courses
Wisdom Wednesday is a 30-minute webinar, conducted once or twice every month dedicated to educating IPC members on topics relevant to the industry. These sessions are led by industry experts who share their technical knowledge and insights.

Free to members, Wisdom Wednesday is an opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in the industry.
A member can learn more and enroll to attend these webinars through IPC website:
These webinars cover topics on Technology as well as management aspects and could provide deep insight into the subject under discussion.
Non members are encouraged to take-up IPC Membership to avail exciting offers!
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EMS Statistical Program

Market Data Service Now Open to IPC-Member EMS Companies in India

IPC is extending a valuable benefit of IPC Membership to its members in India.
Participation in IPC’s EMS Statistical Program gives members access to timely market data, as well as financial and operational bench-marking data, at no cost. In exchange for your participation in confidential quarterly surveys, you will receive the aggregate data and quarterly reports on the results. Members use the data to track changes in their market share, identify the fastest-growing markets, and benchmark their company’s sales and financial performance against industry averages.
IPC protects the confidentiality of members’ data. Learn more about IPC’s statistical programs at
To participate in the EMS Statistical Program in 2019, members must sign up by the 01 April 2019 by contacting us


IPC EDGE is an online, interactive and flexible 24/7 learning opportunity that facilitates quality assurance and is designed to deliver the education needed to develop the competitive skills necessary to excel in the electronics industry. IPC Edge is the educational resource for webinars, standards, and online foundational certification courses.
IPC EDGE is convenient, easily accessible, and delivered to your laptop, tablet or phone at any time of day. With IPC EDGE, you can learn at your own pace, with exams with each course to help determine what learned and what you may need to work on.
IPC EDGE covers topics ranging from components, Soldering, cable assembly to ESD. These courses can be learnt by the engineers and technicians for self-learning at their own time and place using their own computer. IPC Edge also provides opportunities to learn the basics of the IPC Certification Courses, to facilitate smooth sailing when one enrolls for the certification courses.
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IPC Standards Reference Library

IPC India is maintaining a reference library at its Head Office at Jayanagar, Bengaluru for all the clients. The library is accessible during the office hours from 10:00 to 17:00 o’clock from Monday to Friday on all working days.
The library contains copies of the popularly referred standards by the industry. Any member can visit IPC India office and refer to any available copy of the standard, which comes as a complimentary service to members. Non-members will have to pay basic nominal charges.
This library will shortly go digital and only the soft copies will be available for the client’s view. It may be clarified that a copy of this can be viewed only at the IPC India office and it is not an online service for remote viewing.
Clients are encouraged to visit IPC India office to refer to any of these standards during the office hours and benefit themselves by referring to these standards available in the library.
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Re-introduction of IPC India Newsletter

IPC India has re-introduced the digital monthly news-letter, which is circulated to almost 6000 clients every month apart from being published in the IPC India Website.
This upgraded news-letter carries information on latest happenings at IPC India as well as at IPC USA. This is a valuable information which will be useful to its esteemed clients and associates in many ways. It carries news on newly introduced standards and publication of upgraded version of standards.
The newsletter also elaborates on the events that IPC India would have conducted or is scheduling to conduct in the near future. The events could include details of Hand Soldering Competition, PCB Design Competition, Standards’ review, Industry meet or an advanced professional course to be conducted by an industry professional on his topic relevant to Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Industry.
The news-letter carries information on the course conducted in the current month and the pr…